Preserved Flower
Non-toxic, harmless and colourful
Dried and preserved flowers are transformed through leading edge technology. They have dual characteristics. Similar to fake flowers, they are able to be stored long-term and are non-toxic. They display the soft and bright colours of real flowers as well as artificial colours if required.
Long lasting, Carefree and does not require watering  
Dried and preserved flowers are the best solution. Does not require vases. Does not produce pollen. This makes them the perfect decoration for any event or occasion.

The best quality

Farm direct  
Guaranteed fresh

Rose from Ecuador
Long vase life
Protea from South Africa
Company profile
A b o u t    U s
OZBlossom was established in 2007 with our head office established in Sydney, Australia. Our company offers customs brokerage and consultancy services to clients, specialising in the trade of fresh cut flowers; importing and exporting internationally. In May 2018, OZBlossom was established in Shanghai to promote business in China. We concentrate on perishable imports and exports, broker resources and include purchase contracts and schedule of distributions. We have a license and as a professional partner and quarantine accredited broker with over ten years of combined experience in this unique industry.
Choose our strengths?

Professional management

We use professional management, technical support, and promotion of innovation as a whole to provide the best fresh cutting flowers to our customers. We aim to extend vase life and brighten colours to ensure the best quality and service.
High quality products
Forming a closed industrial chain from the wholesale innovative fresh cut flower farm
to customers, we can provide the most flowers with reliable quality, our flowers have
a long flowering period and have bright colors, and can provide a service guarantee
for colleagues and customers.
Professional immortalized flower manufacturing technology
We use a special processing technology that uses an organic preservation solution that can completely maintain the tissue and moisture of flowers, and thus maintain the moisture and texture of flowers.
Wide product types
We can provide customers with one-stop solutions. We can provide many varieties of products with different colour combinations. We can ensure that the diameter of our buds are wide and stems are thick.
What kind of service do we provide
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